Friday, August 29, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Tony likes his toys (and himself)!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Two Roads Diverged in a Wood...

And since I lost my map, I tried them both. Neither was correct. Sorry Sister Casper, maybe next month.

Read the real poem here:

Dear Family and Friends

If we are ever talking on the phone, and you hear "Oh, No. I gotta go. I gotta go. Bye." try to stay calm. Most likely nothing serious is wrong, just something has come up that requires my immediate attention.

For example, Tony explodes like Mt Vesuvius, spewing forth more milk than he possibly could have held in his tiny belly (meaning of course, that he dug deep, and somehow managed to de-digest some of his previous bottles). All over me. All over him. All over the couch. All over the pillow. Did I mention it was a lot of barf? I haven't been that soaked since my last shower.

So please, forgive my abruptness. If my phone ever dries out, I'll call you back.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Where did this come from?

I think Tony is a lefty! He has recently discovered his hands; he loves to just stare at them and wave them around. They were both pretty wild at first, just flailing about willy-nilly, but lately he keeps his right hand up by his head (even while sleeping), and he brings his left in front of his face. His left hand has gotten much more steady, he will even use it to grab at toys! His right hand will brush against toys sometimes, but he uses his left to repeatedly bat at the same toy, and he occasionally grabs hold and shakes it around. I'm excited about this new milestone, but still surprised about the left-handedness, as Don and I are both righties. Don is a bit excited about this, thinking ahead to Tony's athletic future- apparently being a southpaw can be useful in things like baseball and boxing...I mostly think about how he will always have to sit at the end of the dining table, so that his left elbow won't be bonking against our rights! That was always a bit pesky back when I lived at home- Seth is left handed, so it seemed like he was always crowding me. Maybe it is too soon to tell, so it will be interesting to see how Tony turns out.

Monday, August 18, 2008


We took Roobin and his friend Ann swimming last week to help them beat the heat. They had so much fun chasing sticks and each other all around; it's pretty funny to watch them. Most of the time they both would bring back the same stick, each of them having an end, but if Don threw it out too far Roobin would bring it closer in and give it to Ann, and she would bring it back to the beach. They know all about teamwork!

The sun was going down, and it looked so pretty over the river, I just had to take a few scenery shots.

Tony was not impressed by the sun, in fact, he was probably wishing it would just set already so he could enjoy his nap!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gold-Medal Sleeper

I have some very exciting news~

Tony sleeps through the night! He has been doing it consistently for the last three weeks, but I didn't want to jinx things by posting about it. It has made such a huge difference in everything- even though he still is a fuss-face in the evenings (usually), we are so much more able to cope with it. He typically falls asleep at about 1030 pm, and he won't wake up until between 630 and 730 am. Sometimes he goes even longer, but 8 hours is good enough to me! The other great part is that when he does wake up, he needs a bottle and a diaper change, but he goes right back to sleep in under an hour. Then he'll snooze until 9 or 10 am! I'm so proud of my little boy!

Now, if only Roobin would quit thinking that it's fun to go potty at sunrise...

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Skill?

Tony was having a lot of fun playing on his belly today.

Here he is thinking about what to do next...

And then...

Whoops! Before he knew it, he was on his back!
I wasn't looking when he actually rolled over, so I figured it was just because he was on the couch, and it goes down a little on the edges. But, later I put him in his crib (*confession time*: he sleeps on his tummy. I know, I know...shame on me) Anyways, I put him on his belly, and when I checked on him a few minutes later he was on his back! I was totally surprised, so of course, I promptly flipped him back to his tummy to see if he would do it again. This was a huge mistake, not because he didn't roll over again- He DID!!- but because he has been screaming ever since.
To summarize:
1. Tony may or may not be able to roll over (we will see if he can still do it later on)
2. I am an idiot.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach Trip

We went to the beach this weekend with some friends from Utah. It was Tony's first time, and he was less than impressed. I suppose if he could have been able to breath, he might have liked it better. ;) The windy weather that is so great for kite-flying and cloud watching doesn't do much for a 10 week old. He was out of the car long enough to snap some quick pictures, and then it was back inside with mama. We couldn't take him down to the actual beach, but this was fine with me since I have a fierce aversion to sand.


(I know my hair looks like I have some wild perm gone horribly wrong, but I don't. It was just the wind. Unfortunately, I can't blame the wind for my face)

The Oregon Coast