Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

Beach Trip!

We went to Lincoln City last weekend for a small getaway. We did quite a bit of shopping for The Spud at the outlet mall there. It was rainy and windy the first day, so Don bought Tony a new coat. He hunkered down and was just a face!

We stayed at the Surftides Hotel. They had a pool and I was so excited for Tony to test out his baby boat. It was only fun for a couple minutes though, because the water temperature was too cold for him.

Our room had a big jacuzzi tub, and since the pool was such a bust we let Tony try again. He had a lot of fun swimming around in his bubble bath.

The hotel was built right on the beach so the view from our balcony was pretty awesome.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the Fast Lane

That is where Tony is living, now that he can crawl. He started really doing it around mid-March, which you may have noticed coincides exactly with the time I last blogged. You see, when your baby changes from one that for the most part stays where you put it, to one that goes wherever it wants whenever it wants, life as you know it goes right out the window. Where it lands in the mud, and is trampled by the four giant paws of the beast that plays in said mud. (Who, by the way, is doing so much better on his restricted diet that we haven't had to give him any pills for a whole month now!)

Anyways... Tony loves to crawl. He goes super fast when he's on the attack, but slow when he is in trouble. He pulls himself up to standing and then the real fun begins. He has discovered the magic of drawers and doors, the buttons on the TV, and that the tray on the high chair will fall off when he touches the brown part. We always know when he wakes up because he can reach the lightswitch from his crib. As if he could read my mind, the light just flicked on! His Majesty has awakened, and he beckons me to come hither and change his royal bum.