Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Own Version of Goundhog Day

Every Tuesday from 4 pm to 730 pm things go exactly the same for us:

  • 400 Leave home to pick up Don.
  • 445 Sit in traffic and rue the day we chose to live in Portland.
  • 515 Get to Costco in Tigard. Shop, then eat dinner at Costco.
  • 600 Cross the street to Winco to do grocery shopping.
  • 645 Get Dollar Scoops from Baskin Robbins.
  • 650 Leave for home. Tony cries.
  • 715 He's still crying.
  • 730 Get home. As soon as we walk in the door Tony is all smiles.

*Note: ^^these aren't supposed to be in militay time or anything. I just hate adding ":" over and over.

There is something about Tuesdays and I-5 that send this kid spiraling into fits of rage. Why?

It is one of those things to add to my list of Questions to Ask God the Next Time I See Him.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I just ate a Peanut M&M

but it tasted like burnt broccoli.


I guess I'll have to have another one...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Few New Things

Roobin loves his new shirt, which we gave him for Christmas. Last year he got a blue one, but he likes this one better because it matches his collar. He also said he likes it because it "accentuates his forepaws." I don't know why that matters, but apparently it does...

We also got Roob a new bed because his old one was, well, old. And in case his constant itchiness had anything to do with it.

Tony has been growing so quickly that the time has come for the next level of car seat. It is just as well, since I nearly herniate any time I try to lug him about in the infant seat.

The old:

The new:

Tony also has a new favorite game (Grandma, you may want to avert your eyes)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Simple Pleasures

  • Clean Sheets Night.
  • When a good song starts right as I turn on the radio.
  • Smiles from Tony. His whole body spasms with joy when I walk in the room.
  • Phone calls from family and friends.
  • Non-junk mail.
  • Good books.
  • Heat.
  • When something I've been waiting for finally arrives.
  • Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Notes from Don.
  • The feeling after I exercise.
  • A clean house (especially if I didn't have to do the cleaning).
  • Afternoon naps.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


As a kid I wasn't too wild about doing chores (who is?), at least not the ones assigned to me, i.e. sweep,vacuum, dust. But, there was one task that I thought looked fun: mopping. Whether it was the bucket of sudsy water, or the shininess after the fact, for some reason I was fascinated by the whole process. As any responsible mother would, my mom kept this project to herself while we children were young, so the magic of the mop remained a mystery.

When we lived in Pleasant Hill we had two regular babysitters- the great one, and the pretty one. Being a superficial 6 year old, I preferred it when the pretty girl was the babysitter; my mom on the other hand, preferred the girl who was actually responsible. That girl took great care of us, and she would tidy up after we went to bed.

One evening, because the good babysitter was unavailable Seth and I were being tended by the pretty one, so I took it upon myself to help out Mom. I decided to do the mopping. What a good daughter, right?

So I got out the supplies: mop, check; bucket of water, check; cleaner fluid, hmm. What does she use to make those bubbles? It must be shampoo- that is what I use when I want to take a bubble bath. Ok, shampoo, check.

I knew the mop goes in the bucket and then is rubbed around on the floor. What I didn't know was that in between the bucket-dip and the floor-rub, is the squeeze out. I just assumed that little lever halfway down the handle was to make steering easier.

Fast forward 3o minutes: the pretty babysitter hangs up the phone and exits my parents room, in preparation for the imminent arrival of said parents. They come in the door, pay the girl and she is on her merry way. Mom, meanwhile, does a quick check of the house; living room fine, bathroom fine, kitchen soaking wet, bedrooms fi-- wait, what!? She hears a clunking in the closet and opens the door to see me holding the mop, one foot in a nearly empty mop bucket, wearing pants wet up to the knee.

I quickly show her how I was almost done- See Mom, the bucket is almost empty! I did it all by myself! It was supposed to be a surprise for you- I know you usually do it, but I was helping!

I don't really remember what happened after that, but I'm sure it involved early bedtimes, more of my regular chores, and probably some sort of mop ban for the next 8 years or so.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009


As one would expect from a lifelong procrastinator, I am just now posting about Christmas. We went down to Cottage Grove to my parents house this year. It was all kinds of fun, once we got there. The snowstorm caused quite the delay, so what is normally a 2.5 hour drive became a 8.5 hour pilgrimage.
Tony's first piano lesson

In a flashback to yesteryear Sarah, Whitney, and I had matching Christmas Eve jammies

Christmas Morning

Tony did great grabbing at the paper and playing with his presents. He sat up by himself for over a half hour with this one.

The excitement of it all finally overwhelmed him, and he succumbed to the morning nap about halfway through the presents.

I love Christmas, and it was so much fun spending the holiday with my family! Love you guys!