Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just now we were sharing a cookie and I ate the last bite (I am the mom, after all--it's my prerogative!)
T: Can I have some more?
M: Sorry bud, it's all gone.
Tony runs to the kitchen: Let's go get some more! Come on, Mommy!

Walking around the store today, Tony grabs his pants.
T: Mom! My bummy rash hurts.
M: I'm sorry. Should we put some medicine on it?
T: Yes. And you need to kiss it.

Don went to Washington DC for the week. We took him to the airport on Monday. Every day since then:
T: Daddy went on an airplane! He'll be home Friday. Today is Friday.

This afternoon.
T: I like Rocket. We need to watch some.
M: Nope, not right now.
T: But we haven't watched Rocket for DAYS!
M: We watched it yesterday.
T: Oh, that's right.

When I come out of the bathroom (sorry for the visual)
T: Great job going potty Mommy!
M: Um, thank you Tony.
T: Do you want a sticker?

His new responses to just about anything.
For yes: Oh YEAH!
For no: Nah, probably not.

When he shows you something he's proud of


Lisa said...

I love the things these guys come up with to say!

Marissa said...

What a funny little guy!

Sarah said...

haha! :D He is so funny! I love you all! :)

hakan said...

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